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We are part of the Media Idee Group Of Companies. Since our inception in 2005, we have been committed towards creating world-class work for our clients across 5 countries.

Today we have grown into a global network of companies spanning Europe, Middle East, South Asia and South East Asia working with some of the world’s leading advertisers including Nestle, Pfizer, Toyota, Domino’s and more . Our edge is the brand building experience of the team that helps us power brands in this new digital age.

We consistently strive to recruit people who are driven by a higher purpose: to drive their client’s businesses and take them to the next level. This drive has proven to be the core of all areas of our business from planning, buying, and bid-management through to content creation, e-commerce, mobile and social-media management with advanced analytics to help you make sense of the customer’s channel path. If you’re looking to challenge or be challenged this is the place. Come on in.

Our specialization

In a world where someone can encounter a brand story in a million different manners, can publish their view of it, can buy it or can stop the world from doing so requires a company that can work according to these new rules of hyper-reality, mobility, concurrent media usage along with a collapse of time and space. Therefore your digital agency needs to be a brand steward, not only one which can articulate a brand’s unique essence, but one who can bring that unique essence – that story – to life across all devices and channels. MI Digital’s is a world without silos and unmatched breadth of capabilities offering you a way to power your digital consumer’s world.

Take a look at our digital agency services that have helped clients in 5 countries meet and exceed their objectives.

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    Hire the experts in ecommerce and brands to take your store to the next level.

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