TSM&CO Launches Crafted In Pakistan Using Pakistani Leaders As Fashion Icons

As another first MI Digital launched ‘Crafted In Pakistan’ for the luxury shoe brand TSM&CO for the Independence Day 2015 campaign. The campaign promoted using social channels portrayed the leaders of the Pakistani Movement as people who made a huge mark on the world, a direct affiliation with the kind of people whom buy into the brand meant for those who #MakeYourMark.

The typical response of the Pakistani mindset is to see the ‘Freedom Movement’ icons especially Quaid e Azam as staid and unapproachable, put on a pedestal of eternity to gawk at but not follow. TSM&CO turned these mythical properties on their heads and turned the leaders into the kind of people whom Pakistan can emulate starting with the shoes.

Quaid e azam

Quaid E Azam was the first true gentleman of Pakistan with an impeccable taste for the finest in life. TSM&CO used him as a style icon, highlighting what made him a gentleman and why he would have loved our shoes the most.

Dedicated to the man whose taste and sense of style made him one of the most well-dressed and sophisticated gentleman in the world and one who made his presence felt. This 14th August 2015 #MakeYourMark with #tsmandco. Use the discount code – TSM1947 and avail a 19.47% discount on all the products.

The campaign had three goals: Celebrate Independence Day With Pakistan And Highlight Our Pakistani Craftsmanship & the People Who Make Up TSM&CO, Promote Our Offering Of the 19.47% Discount on all products during the campaign and Develop Affinity With Our Brand’s Image.


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Emotive copy such as: “TSM&CO is proudly made in Pakistan. It is a tribute to the indefatigable spirit of the nation that not only can we bring world class production methods and materials to our land but also that we want do it better than anyone else in the world. Support us to make our mark for Pakistan.” and associating with the leaders of the world, helped TSM&CO too make its mark during this independence day. 

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