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The Largest Media Group In Pakistan Chooses Media Idee To Handle The Complete Marketing Solution From Creative To Digital

Jang Media Group, the largest media Group in Pakistan has announced its Property Expo ‘Jang Dream Home Expo‘ on January 8th at the Karachi Expo Center. The event is open to consumers, trade visitors and business professionals. The exhibition offers a perfect platform for local real estate markets to showcase their residential, commercial and mixed-use products and for business deals

The event has been organized for 3 days and will be one of the largest event of its kind.  The day will mark the official launch of its new platform for the Real Estate Industry – ‘Dream Home Expo’- as well as the unveiling of the details on future events internationally. Details on the event and their other general information and availability is available at the Dream Home Expo event site at http://www.jangdreamhome.com. Media Idee, the parent company of MI Digital, was chosen to be the brand agency responsible for designing the complete marketing collateral and the event including the Logo / Insignia, Traditional Creative including Print Ads & Brochures, the event’s designs including marketing materials and the digital part including mobile app and website.

In building the Jang Dream Home Expo, the team set out to create a truly unique platform that brings together the leaders in Real Estate to showcase their products and services and is the first multi-branded event dedicated to the Real Estate market. “Our team has been working tirelessly to bring our customers and clients the most innovative features combined with a best in class capabilities.  All of this will show when our customers experience the show. This event will be unlike any on the market today.” said Mark Williams, Corporate Manager for MI Digital .  “Thanks to our strong partnerships with the leaders of the Real Estate World, we believe our customers will have the best experience possible with Jang Dream Home Expo.  We are looking forward to welcoming our customers from Karachi to the event.”.

Jang Dream Home Expo will cater to increased interest from participants keen to take part in the growth of the real estate industry. Organisers say both developers and investors are positive about the real-estate market in 2016, with new trends emerging on the scene. Despite the fact that realty investors are more cautious due to a slowdown in the market, medium to long term investors say current market scenario offers as an opportunity to generate decent returns. Jang Dream Home Expo showcases the best of what the industry has to offer.

The display banners were served on Pakistan’s No. 1 news sites like Geo.tv.

Jang Display Ad

The banners were displayed on Pakistan’s No. 1 news sites like Jang.com.pk.

Jang Expo PPC campaign

Over 1700 of the top keywords were researched and targetted to draw relevant audiences to the Expo.

The brochure / sales kit for the event followed the core creative theme of the ‘Unlock  Your Dreams’ represented symbolically by the Gold Key. At the event, it was decided to hold lucky draws and give away solid gold keys to all attendees.

jang expo brochure
jang expo brochure
jang expo brochure

We also developed a mobile application for an overview of the event and general information. The app can be downloaded from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.JangApp.

Jang Dream Home Mobile App

The Social Media & Community Management For The Event Was Also Handled By The Team, Fielding Volume Peaking at 100 Queries a Minute. Visit the page at https://www.facebook.com/JangDreamHome/?fref=ts

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