Magento Support Services

Don’t you wish you had a company who could go further with you than just Magento development? A company who could also help you manage your product uploads, take the hassle out of inventory management, send you beautiful reports with insights into your store, sales and audiences as well as provide digital marketing services? You’ve found us.

Why Do I Need MI Digital For Magento?

  • You are struggling with Inventory Management esp. Configurable Products.

    We offer product uploads services including taking on your configurable and bundled products, we do store management and inventory management for your site.

  • You need support and optimization of your existing e-commerce site

    We offer services such as monitoring of your business servers, updates to your product descriptions, fixing up small issues, well you get the drift and at prices that will help your bottom line.

  • Providing exceptional customer service

    Need a team to handle your live agents on the site or on your social channels. Well talk to us already.

  • Developing new layouts and templates periodically

    Branding on digital channels requires you to move with the time. Whether it’s X’mas or Valentine’s Day, we can help you design and update your site’s templates with the holiday flavor.

  • Growing your customer base

    MI Digital provides a full service spectrum of digital services that integrate across platforms. Talk to us if you need a digital agency at prices that will help your bottom line.

We are Magento developers beyond just your ecommerce development. We help you manage your Magento store as your own internal team would, sharing your costs and helping you improve your bottom line.


  • Magento Store Design & Development – we can help you build a new store or make an existing store better. We’re Magento specialists who are also experts in eCommerce, site design and development. Click here for details on our Magento development services.
  • Magento Hosting – we make sure your online store stays up, running and ready to serve customers. We deliver the highest levels of web and database server performance and availability, and can meet your needs for an on premise or cloud-based solution.
  • Store Management – From magento’s inventory management, copy & content writing for your product descriptions to product uploads, we’re there for you as your back-end team.
  • Performance Enhancements, Upgrades & Bug Fixes, Magento Support – We’re your go-to experts for your ecommerce site—always there to upgrade your software and increase functionality as new features are added.
  • Ongoing support for your operation and staff – You can reach us by phone or through our online support system if you have questions about your system.
  • Operations analysis and recommendations
  • 24×7 Monitoring For:
    • Server status monitoring
    • Magento errors monitoring and fixing.
    • Logs monitoring
    • Cache monitoring
    • Database index monitoring
    • Performance monitoring
    • Immediate application of security patches
  • SEO And Reviews – Consistently monitoring the keywords for which your site is ranking, view weekly changes to the positions of your site and get a insights into your content.
  • Analytics – Including Customer Engagement via Heat Maps, Visitor Recordings, Cohort Funnels and more that help you create delightful customer experiences, grow conversions, engagement and sales.


Your Magento support team will include:

  • Account Manager
  • Development Manager

In Summary – Ecommerce / Magento Support Services

  • Magento Development and Store Design.
  • Magento Hosting and Infrastructure Services.
  • Store And Site Management
  • Account Management Team
  • Accurate Site Statistics, Schedule Analytics, Seo Reviews (UK & US Region)
  • User Identified Alerts
  • Escalated Help Desk Support
  • Upgrade, Extension, Customization, And Engineering Assistance
  • 24/7 Hardware And Software Monitoring

We believe that you shouldn’t spend hours of your man-power’s time in things which don’t add to your bottom line such as magento store management, product uploads or even monitoring. Let the experts in Magento take over those head-aches so you can concentrate on things that matter – like running your business.

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