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MI Awarded TAF Foundation SEO Duties

Pakistan — MI Digital, the digital division of Media Idee, a MI Worldwide Company today announced its appointment as the SEO Agency with the TAF Foundation.

The engagement followed a competitive pitching process, and will see MI take up the mantle in advancing TAF’s vision in enabling individuals towards improved life chances and responsible citizenship towards a more cohesive and vibrant society.

TAF Foundation (TAFF) began as the Abbassciy Family Foundation in the year 2010 and served as a charitable organization to the underprivileged. In 2015, the Abbassciy Foundation was restructured into a philanthropic organization focused on long-term development initiatives.

Renamed the TAF Foundation, TAFF aligned its mandates to Education, Health, and Social Consciousness and concentrates on sustainable programs which help to create upward social and economic mobility. Underpinning TAFF Foundation objectives is the aim to foster harmony and positive interdependence amongst societal agents.

Umair Mohsin, Chief Culture Officer, Media Idee, said, “We are proud to be working with TAF to champion the values and beliefs that will empower us all as a nation. We are looking forward to fresh ways of connecting with the social mobility challenged segments and our stakeholders through engaging digital content and platforms.”

The agency will be responsible for handling the SEO duties. The appointment is effective immediately.

Hubco logo for website site

Hubco Launches New Corporate Website

The completely redesigned website designed and developed by the MI team offers visitors richer insights into Hubco’s operations, CSR and growth prospects.

MI launched the newly revamped website for Hubco. This redesigned site offers quick and easy access to essential information and features regarding operations, financials, reports, etc while offering a more comprehensive understanding of the Company’s value proposition and overall client benefits.

The website also offers updated information on news and press releases, management biographies and activities and career opportunities.

The site also features sections for topics centered around new technology, CSR activities of the company, key industry highlights and current legislative and policy updates as well as important information such as disclosures, board meetings, etc.

The new website has a clean uncluttered design, improved functionality and enhanced rich content focused on the Company’s mission to provide energy to feed Pakistan’s ever growning needs. The new website goes live today, March 31st, 2017 and is located at the same address: www.hubpower.com.

About Hubco:
HUBCO was incorporated in Pakistan in 1991 as a limited liability company. The company owns oil-fired power station with installed net capacity of 1,200 MW in Baluchistan and 214 MW Punjab. The Hub Power Company is listed on the Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchanges. The Global depository receipts are also listed on the Luxemburg Stock Exchange.



Media Idee Becomes A Google Partner

Google Partner Media Idee

Media Idee Becomes A Google Partner

MI Digital – the digital marketing arm of Media Idee, a culture marketing network, is proud to announce becoming a Google Partner. As the ‘Interactive story’ division handling the media budgets of clients from SME to Enterprise levels, the achievement demonstrated the expertise and the excellence of the teams handling the digital marketing accounts for clients in 5 countries.

Google Partner status, is only bequeath on agencies that have demonstrated proven and in-depth knowledge and a vast experience with Google’s tools such as Adwords. More than spends which they have to continuously maintain, it also means consistently meeting Google’s very high standards, performance requirements and best practices.

“We’re tremendously proud of our partner status. It feels fantastic to be recognized by possibly the No. 1 tech company in the world (Google) as a partner,” said Umair Mohsin, Director Culture Strategy for MI. “We’re are honored and excited to now be able to offer an even higher standard of service to our clients – one that’s backed by Google. Our efforts and experience have earned us rewarding benefits that will help us to continue to grow, and further assure our clients that they can continue to depend on us.”

As an official Google Partner, MI can now serve clients at Google’s standards. The agency also has access to industry research, product updates, continued learning, and the Google Partners Community.

Media Idee is listed here as a partner on the Google Partner page.

For more information about Media Idee’s services and reach, visit: www.mediaidee.com.

GoRickshaw – An Uber Like Service For Three Wheelers Launched By Media Idee

GoRickshaw Chooses Media Idee To Launch Innovative Transport Service

Rickshaw travel across the cities in Pakistan is dysfunctional. There is a huge disconnect between people who want a ride vs the availability of the vehicle at their destination. Rickshaw commuters are plagued by auto drivers refusing certain destinations, getting charged extra, rash driving, rude behavior by drivers, or rigged meters. Daily mobility needs (Pick & Drop Service) and commuters usually switch multiple rickshaw drivers in search of a safe and reliable pick & drop service.

Thus GoRickshaw has been launched to cater to these daily stresses, providing hassle free experiences for customers and auto-rickshaw drivers. GoRickshaw promises affordable prices, reliable service and safer rides for the citizens of Karachi and soon other cities.

To order, simply tap a button and a certified GORickshaw driver will arrive at your desired pick-up location within minutes.

GoRickshaw Promise:

The GoRickShaw app developed by GoLogistics connects rickshaw drivers and passengers allowing them to experience a fast, convenient and safe ride, at just a tap of button. The application is available for Android at the moment but will be available on other devices soon.


Find and book a rickshaw easily with the tap of a button, all on a single screen.

Track your driver’s identity and cab info on the go. Only verified drivers.

Enjoy a seamless app & top-notch service. Effortless payment through your phone.

We believe that transportation should be as reliable as running water and GoRickshaw is the company that will make that vision happen. Whether you’re headed to work, the university, or out on the town, GoRickshaw will connect you with a reliable ride in minutes. One tap and a Rickshaw comes directly to you. Your driver knows exactly where to go. And payment is cash, a first for the market.

Media Idee has been chosen as the agency of choice for the launch of this initiative.

Meat one digital media campaign

Digital Media Campaign: Meat One Launches Qurbani Service

Meat One, the premium quality meat brand from Al Shaheer, UAE launches its Qurbani Service with ‘Don’t Sacrifice Your Peace’ Campaign

Meat One, the premier branded meat packing company in Pakistan launches its Qurbani service where it facilitates people wishing to perform Qurbani this year. Meat One will facilitate Muslims living in Pakistan and globally to make sacrifices and deliver meat to themselves and to the needy / charities across Pakistan. The entire marketing and media has been handled by MI Digital including the creation of the Qurbani Application, which has been integrated into Microsoft Dynamics application.

Some images from the media campaign are below:


See more of our campaigns and work here or read some of our digital marketing case studies.

roi on digital marketing campaigns

Measuring Brand Lift Online From Traditional Marketing Campaigns

Tracking Offline Marketing Campaigns Via Online Analytics Tools

We see it littered on every billboard and cried out from every TV Channel. The ubiquitous Facebook Icon & website, unheard of marketing tools even a decade ago, now play a supporting role in all marketing & communication in the country. In fact, in case of Suzuki Kazashi launch in Pakistan, digital media was used as the main communication and sales channel. A first for the country.

Already more than 10 million cookies a week (source: Google) are now accessing the web in Pakistan (60% mobile) with average media consumption estimated between 1-3 hours daily. Over 19 million Facebook accounts later and when even local publishers like Tune.pk now serve well over 13 million sessions a month from the country, it befuddles the mind as to why despite accounting for higher consumption patterns than most traditional channels, it is still considered a secondary ‘good to have’ channel. Core reason being that both marketers and agencies are lacking the means to demonstrate impact in quantitative terms to cross channel effects and digital marketing ROI.

The real value of correlations analyses can be tapped when they’re based on user’s individual customer journeys, ideally across devices and channels.If lacking the means to demonstrate impact in quantitative terms to cross channel effects and digital marketing ROI are what’s standing in the way of more investments in the channels, than the following methodologies based on organizational capabilities and digital maturity level of agencies and marketers will help bring the value of the digital channels to the forefront

Thus the following provides directional road maps towards attaining ‘attribution’ nirvana.

Digitally Aware Marketers

For The Digitally Aware

Defined as marketers who focus their energies on social channels and on an Informational web presence. KPIs set as traffic, CTR and social engagements (likes, comments, etc). Little or no strategic objectives tied to marketing objectives.

Direct Traffic

For advertisers with at a minimal of a website and a Facebook page, the simplest measure of efficacy of traditional media online is ‘Direct Traffic’. This is the traffic defined as where a customer typed the URL directly to the website or found their way to your social channels via social search.

A simple and ubiquitous tool like Google Analytics will show you if direct traffic correlates to the timing of your offline campaign such as TV spots, a print ad or new billboards. You can be sure that these extra visits can be attributed to the offline channels.


#Hashes or hashtags as they’re also known, can also prove useful in tracking keywords important to business such as brand mentions or to the campaign at large. Hashes can be created for brands, events and campaigns and are easily tracked using the standard search tools available on all social channels.

e.g. we see that the Pepsi ‘LiveItabhi’ is being shared on Twitter.com as per the example below:

Pepsi Live it Abhi Campaign


Track Brand Mentions of your website made by others.

Traditional marketing stimulates consumer behavior towards digital channels in Pakistan. It is logical, after all, that a popular brand, news or campaign would have people talking about it online than one that is not popular. Popular campaigns covered by online media blogs to the latest lawn clothing, online buzz and conversations, all can be measured even by those not savvy to analytics. Using Reputation & Keyword Monitoring Software e.g. brands can determine as to what drives ‘conversations’ and the ‘influencers’ in this regard.

Some data from Pakistan e.g. for Hubco’s recent announcement of ‘earnings up 62% news’ drove the topic in the ‘social space’ by those following the company. Some data captured from the time included:

hubco brand mentions

Whilst this on its own is rudimentary, pulling the data into an analytics engine revealed some interesting insights e.g. Express Tribune alone generated over 300,000 earned media impressions for Hubco by tweeting about the news whilst bloggers like Umer Hafeez contributed over 10,000 free earned impressions for Hubco.

hubco influencers data

We can also see the rise of the conversations and the Keywords which drove the maximum interest of these social-ites.

hubco brand mentions data

Brand or Campaign mentions on their own of course do not tell the whole story. However marketers should think ‘buzz’ as a concept beyond traditional channels and aim to create and track those online as well. A few guidelines which might help your content to go ‘Viral’ – Content should either be Funny, Highly Charged (think plunking heart-strings) or plainly Inspirational. Also it should not be ‘In your face’ or overtly promotional. It also helps if you ‘Seed’ the content online.


digitally activated marketers

For The Digitally Activated

Defined as marketers who have moved beyond social into content marketing, CRM and use their websites beyond the “digital brochure” level. Strategic objectives determine KPIs and measured towards marketing objectives.

For marketers who have had some experience of working with digital channels, can move forward towards integration of both online and offline channels. Some of the ways to make digital work to measure offline data includes:

Site Surveys

Site surveys are becoming an increasingly popular means of evaluating the efficacy of advertising, online experiences, customer satisfaction and request for feedback/improvements based on real visitor data. Foodpanda.pk e.g. actively surveys its digital audiences for channel efficacy and sales ROI.

Site Surveys

These will also help gauge ‘Brand Lift’ defined as the “increase in positive interaction with and/or perception of a brand after post-exposure”. Success metrics which make up Brand Lift such as unaided brand recall, aided brand recall, brand favorability, brand trust, likelihood of visitation to the online/offline store, likelihood of purchase, and likelihood to recommend can also be surveyed from online audiences and if you’re digital commerce ready, easily tied to sales.

Site Surveys NPS Score


Custom Landing Pages

One of the best means of tracking offline promotions online is via the use of custom landing pages specifically created for offline marketing campaigns e.g. Pepsi could have created www.pepsi.com/liveitabhi (they didn’t) instead of sending TV audiences directly to www.pepsi.com (they didn’t do that either).

Custom landing pages focus the content and the audience’s attention around the incoming visitor’s profiles. E.g. TV audiences can be directed to visit www.pepsi.com/liveitabhi whilst outdoor audiences can be directed to www.pepsi.com/liveitoutdoors. Each page will have content specific to its incoming traffic. This allows advertisers to segment audiences (and efficacy) even better.  Coca Cola being more proactive however seems to have created a small landing page for 100 years of coke campaign http://www.coca-cola.com.pk/.

Meezan Bank for its recent ‘Riba Say Azadi’ Campaign used a custom landing page to capture all leads specific to the online audiences.

Meezan Bank Riba Say Azadi Campaign landing page

A good rule of thumb is to keep custom page URLs short. Typing out complicated URLs especially on mobile phones is an impossible feat.

Redirected Domains

Another means to track offline promotions is through domains specifically created to redirect visitors to (ideally) custom landing pages or your main website. Using the same example above, Pepsi Pakistan creates www.liveitabhi.com and advertises it on traditional channels. A person typing this URL automatically redirects to www.pepsi.com. With the unique URL, marketers can thus easily track the audiences from traditional media referrals independently via their analytics tools.

Customized Discount Codes

Custom discount codes are another popular solution towards tracking offline marketing campaigns. Simple enough to implement, the advertiser can places a customized discount code in each channel. MI Digital e.g. promises anyone who uses the code AURORA15 for 15% off your order for a website if you send us a query from our website www.midigital.co. Unique codes in each city area or medium can help track offline efficacy.


running app

For Digitally Addicted Marketers

Defined as marketers who use data, analytics, and marketing-automation platforms. Have a digital strategy in place that covers integrated and multi-channel marketing. Is looking to or has already integrated customer services / CRM, sales, and inventory management capabilities with their digital solutions.


For the truly connected, the offline and online worlds are merely part of the same equation. Such ‘unicorns’ epitomize, optimize and use the full potential of digital channels to their organization’s advantage. Some of the manners this is possible include:

Co-Relations Analysis

With the second-screen device usage going up, especially during ‘national events’ like ‘Cricket World Cup’, marketers can optimize TV spends with the same accurate granularity as digital.

Using very sophisticated analytics solutions, advertisers can overlay the TV media spots data on a minute by minute basis over the analytics data gathered from all channels allowing them to see the incremental lift whilst unearthing spot opportunities for greater efficacy both immediately and over the long term period. Marketers can segment based on:

Activity Type Data: Search increases by brand and category keywords, Direct and Call Ins.

Device Type Data: Data by Desktop PCs, Mobile and Tablets.

Other Pairings Data: Mobile / ISP network and program, TVC Versioning Efficacy, TVC Length Efficacy, Day-parting data and even geography can be co-related.

With digital commerce integrated, the marketer’s actual conversion and sales data can also be fed to this TV attribution data set to provide ROI metrics.


Rise in Branded & Related Searches

Searches on brand name terms or campaign searches correlate rather nicely with offline media. This is especially true with a campaign running with a unique slogan which helps in tracking these searches. E.g. in the example below, the traffic from the Branded Keyword ‘Meat One’ searches during our last campaign increased by 235% in March – April, 2015 and ‘Direct Traffic’ to the site increased by 259% during the same period.

Google Trends Meat One Data

Source: Google Trends

Google trends showcases the data perfectly, showing how the brand got a lift of 13% in its branded Keyword search online during the campaign period.

Cross Channel Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs that are designed to work and reward cross-channel are ready to be launched in Pakistan. Such loyalty cards will give advertisers the possibility to track sales from a micro-segment of one irrespective of channel behavior. Such unique identifiers when connected to actions online and offline will provide a rich source of behavioral data that can be used to customize offerings personalized to customers wherever they are.

For Big Data Users

Linking Audience to IDs

Whilst this would be out of the scope of the article and the general populace of advertisers, as a marketer with Big Data you will have the ability to provide individual IDs of your customers (that are already associated with their online behavior), along with their Personal Information (name and address) to data management platforms such as BlueKai.

Those DMPs overlay demographic data from their databases onto those names/individual IDs and provide them back to you.

Running attribution on this data will than segment the audiences and can help determine customer’s lifetime value, highest propensity to convert and optimization of tactics and channels on efficiency basis.

The time is drawing near where due to the ever increasing fragmentation, the need for maximizing overall ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend) will become the Pakistani’s advertiser’s first priority. There is now a real need to go beyond CTR and understand digital media channels better with such cross channel attribution initiatives along with the possibilities and the efficiencies to be gained for the future. For advertisers, It is now time to mix-up their love affair with traditional with a strong dose of digital.


Don’t forget MI Digital offers all these services and more. Contact us to help power your digital brand. 


Note: This article first appeared in Aurora, Jul-August, 2015 Issue. 

SDE logo

Digital Marketing: Inbound Marketing Via Content Hub To Gain Competitive Advantage

MI Digital Creates New Content Marketing Hub for Managing Consumer Engagement For SDE.com

Developing relationships over a long-term with today’s consumers is now complex, now more than ever before. The powerful web search, with publishing on social and social networks along with tools for filtering capabilities have placed very powerful tools in the hands of consumers. The buyer’s journey today is non-linear – as shown by this graph below:

Customer journey Cap Gemini

Consumers today can easily find information, compare pricing across multiple retailers and read up on social recommendations about a large number of competitors immediately and from the comfort of their home.

Thus today’s consumers are now savvier – they are researchers, publishers, a reviewer, a vocal influence, and ultimately the final authority and expert on any manner of product or service. This “ease” by which information can be shared across the web, including mobile and social touch points, has required enterprises to try to influence consumer behavior by increasing the amount of content.

SDE (Staff Development Educators) is one such company whom MI Digital helped to launch its content hub targetting educators and experts.

SDE believs that “educators have the most important job in the world” which is why SDE is dedicated to empowering extraordinary educators with research-based, innovative, and rigorous professional development that’s practical, motivating, and fun.

Their goal is to “help create extraordinary classrooms that prepare students for the demands of the 21st century.”

Inbound marketing, social media marketing or content marketing is the process of creating quality content, which is than well published and later on promoted across the channels. The idea is to drive the inbound benefit through sharing and search /link-building and gain social signals for search engine optimisation.

SDE as an objective wanted to unearth their Knowledge Base and build up the brand via a content hub targetting teachers, academics, principals and stake holders.

The solution devised by MI Digital included:

  1. Supports videos from YouTube
  2. Featured a rating system for reviewing books.
  3. It uses the best SEO practices
  4. The admin panel is fast, simple, and easy to use.
  5. Flexible layouts for every template
  6. Advanced block system
  7. Popular posts
  8. Unique article system which ensured that the same article was not listed twice in the home page.
  9. Pagination of articles.
  10. Social counters to track the shares and comments on the site and off the site.
  11. Special templates for posts and pages.
  12. Youtube / Vimeo Video Playlists.
  13. Customizable Side Bars

and more.


Edited by the experts at SDE, the content will comprise of written articles, posts, videos, infographics, book reviews, latest events and even small tips and reports. SDE’s content hub will feature up-to-date insights from experts in the industry including promoting their events and covering them as well.

The content hub strategy is is part of a growing industry trend for organisations to create and publish own content, using their latent knowledge and expertise to shape reputation and brand building.

Vern Nicholson, Director of MI Digital, USA, said: “We’re not the first to launch a publishing platform, but we believe we’ve created a look and feel that grabs people’s attention. SDE’s Content Hub is all about generating content which our audience is interested in, and to engage people in conversation.”

SDE’s content hub is fully responsive and built for smartphones and tablets. MI Digital has always recognised that content with strategy is the lifeblood of all digital marketing and today’s inbound solution’s launch of the hub enables us to let our client’s continue to connect to their customers in a fresh and relevant way.

An understanding of the content marketing hub is below:

in bound marketing process

meezan bank media campaign 2015

Digital Media Campaign: Meezan Banks Launches New Media Campaign For Ramadan 2015

Meezan Bank Launches it’s new corporate branding media campaign for Ramadan 2015. Hopes to spur growth during the holy month.

New campaign focuses on helping people choose Riba Free banking with Meezan Bank.


The marketing campaign aims at reminding the Pakistan’s 200 million Muslims to follow the teachings of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) injunctions on receiving interest and reminds them of the war against interest and usary.

Meezan bank is engaged in building up its brand-image through this campaign as Ramadan offers the perfect platform for such a promotion as Muslim become more conscious of their non-islamic habits.

The campaign runs on social networks, via display advertising on various publishers, mobile advertising and video advertising.

Meezan Bank Riba 30sec with humming by midigital

Meezan Bank Media Campaign 2015


Facebook AD 1200x900 - 4

Facebook Post - 6a


Facebook Post - 7a

 Google AD 300 x 250 - 2

Google AD 300 x 250 - 3

Facebook AD 1200x628 - 1


Facebook AD 1200x628 - 2

Facebook AD 1200x628 - 3



About Meezan Bank:

Meezan Bank is Pakistan’s Premier Islamic Bank with over 450 branches, and has the unique distinction of being a pioneer in the world of Islamic finance that  has combined the best of traditional Islamic values with the  technology and innovation that of the modern day banks. The Bank is offering state-of-the-art Shari’a compliant products that compete with the best of those offered by conventional banks.

Magento Web Store

Luxury Retail Shoe Store Launched: MI Digital launches TSM&CO’s New Website

TSM&CO, A New Brand of Affordable Luxury Handcrafted Footwear  Launched Its New Website Today.

TSM&CO, a luxury shoes retailer launched its new website today. The website development and design was done by MI Digital. Discovering a void in the marketplace, TSM&CO was eager to combine the old world craftsmanship of luxury, high quality leather footwear with new world digital access, whereby it sells directly to the consumer through the http://tsmco.com.pk website. By cutting out the traditional retailer and selling online, TSM&CO is able to offer a premium collection of the highest quality men’s footwear, reasonably priced starting from $128.

“We saw a space in the luxury footwear market,” said Founder Hammad Ahmed. “Men know that the finest handcrafted, luxury shoes are what sets them apart in the professional world, but the prices have become astronomical, so we are reinventing the luxury shoe business for the global markets. We have partnered with family-owned global leather tanneries to create a new supply chain, enabling us to produce gorgeous, high-quality shoes at uniquely accessible prices.”

TSM&Co shoes feature materials sources from the best suppliers in the world including Italy, and are made with artisanal craftsmanship and precise attention to detail on each and every pair. They are designed and produced in small batches, in the most sought after designs like the Monks, Derbies, Oxfords, Wingtips and more. TSM&CO shoes leverage classic elements like polished leathers and hand stitching, always mixed with unique and special details. All shoes are hand-crafted, made to be unique just like their owners and every so often a new collection is released on the site at http://tsmco.com.pk.

“Our shoes are the same luxury quality as those of premier luxury designers. Our clients will always find the latest trends they love, and the quality of our shoes will never be compromised,” said Hammad Ahmed. “It’s not only important that we’re using the best possible materials, but also that fit remains consistent, so once a client finds a forma that works for her, he can order additional styles made on the same forma and never have to think twice about size. While styles will constantly change, fit and quality will not.”

The new webstore based on the Magento platform combines old world elegance and luxurious feel with the efficiency of digital channels. The brand new website offers made to custom shoes, catering to all sizes and preferences. The products on TSM&CO include a wide range of styles from Balmoral to comfortable dress shoes.

Discerning shoe lovers will enjoy the shopping experience at http://tsmco.com.pk. The website provides a huge variety of dress shoes, boots, smart casual and accessories from its own designer shoe brand TSM&Co. The self-select shopping environment on the website offers convenience and ease of use.

The corporate gentlemen out to make his mark on the world is consistently thwarted in his ambitions to look and dress powerful since there are not a lot of options when buying shoes. A majority of shoe retailers don’t sell or cater to this niche clientele and those who do charge a hefty premium. This makes it very difficult for upwardly mobile young men to find a store that caters to their needs of affordable luxury. TSM&CO shoes not only caters to this group, but they also offer an impressive range with their brand of shoes which are completely on trend and fashionable.

Their TSM&CO ranges are made out of high quality leather, hand-crafted to perfection and use the latest technology. This results in luxurious shoes that are distinctive, stylish and comfy, and perhaps most importantly, they are the right size.

With years of experience in fashion, business, design and technology, the TSM&CO team, has a wealth of knowledge in the industry, bringing together their unique perspectives and expertise.

For more information on TSM&CO and to shop the collection, visit http://tsmco.com.pk.

Contact: Harris Hayes, MI Digital | harris.hayes@midigital.co.


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