Partner With MI Digital

Partnership Possibilities

Partnerships make amazing things happen. An association between the both of us for instance for starters will ensure that you benefit from the 10+ years of expertise and experience working with the best brands of the world globally we bring to the table.

No matter how big or small,  our digital marketing tools and expertise can serve you to deliver more and better solutions to your own clients. We promise you that working with us will be like hiring a bigger team for your own business without the required capital or monthly expenses and we would like to believe that we are people whom you won’t mind spending your daily time with.

Who can partner with us?

By partnering with us you are opening doors to a whole new world of possibilities with mutually beneficial results. You can partner with us, if you’re a:

  • Corporation
  • Small Business Enterprise
  • Media Agency
  • Advertising Agency
  • PR Agency
  • Digital Agency
  • Event Agency
  • Professionals looking to start their own agencies / consulting firms.

Why partner with us?

Partnering with us has innumerable benefits and advantages.

To begin with, you get top-quality work, within timelines based on industry experience without the costs associated with building your own team. This also means that you can expand your business without the expenses that usually accompany a growing company. Also, you don’t stand the risk of relying on amateur designers, programmers and content developers to get your jobs done. And to top it all, the factor of trust stands a cut above the rest. We would never violate the terms of agreement and would always abide by the agreed norms, confidentiality agreements and NDA.

So, if you’re interested in partnering with a leading team of professionals who could help you take your business to greater heights, send us an email at and let’s work towards a mutually beneficial relationship.

About Media Idee And Our Philosophy Of Sharing

Media Idee Group spans the widest range of expertise across marketing, media and communication disciplines. It ranges from consumer marketing to B2B support; from consumer healthcare products to food products and proprietary research; from new product launches to repairing existing brands from traditional solutions to the newest techniques of omni-channel retail, social media and mobile channels. It encompasses events & activation, media & PR, productions, online TV, media buying, digital marketing & media companies and entertainment agencies, research, shopper marketing, game development and more.

Ehmer, our CEO, has always believed in an entrepreneurial culture. The inspiration to start Media Idee even came from his experiences in previous jobs, where no matter how good the performance was, he would get fixed incentives and “we couldn`t grow beyond a certain level”.

In his words “I wanted to change that mindset of ‘limiting your employee’s growth’ and when I started Media Idee, my objective was to provide a platform for anyone who wants to grow professionally by giving them an opportunity to have a stake in the company and share the profits. We are now in our tenth year and have grown enough to be separating the divisions of the company and each segment is being run by its own director, reporting to Media Idee Corp. This would not have been possible without this entrepreneurial philosophy.”

Media Idee is the first media and entertainment company in Pakistan which is bringing in a professionally driven structure, based on entrepreneurship and profit sharing. Anyone here can rise to the top and not just the family or owner of the company.

At the core of MI is the understanding is that building brands today requires people with a keen understanding of how new communications technology, new channels, and vibrant creativity combines. This is a world where the consumer is now in control, and consumer insight is paramount, and so the quality and diversity of people are vital. Ehmer and his team are synthesizing the old assumptions and the new findings to develop more effective approaches to influencing everything from opinion shaping to purchasing decisions across the million channel universe that has been created in the media and the marketing fields and are constantly re-examining everything about how people are influenced, how they purchase, how they behave and even how they believe.

We bring this same philosophy to our partners around the world. We believe in sharing, in performance and in growing people and the testament to that is our ever-growing network and people who together make us Media Idee.