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Pfizer’s Anne French Tops In Branded Gaming

Pfizer Pakistan’s depilatory product ‘Anne French’, Pakistan’s top selling hair remover cream created massive engagement and is proof of validating games as the new marketing channel. Unlike conventional thinking gaming isn’t just for guys. A recent Entertainment Software Association report revealed 45 percent of gamers are women. It’s a stress reliever, and a way for them to escape after a long day in the real world. 

The numbers proved the argument. Anne French ‘What’s In’ Slider Game achieved top 23 in top new free category and 67 ranking in All Time Casual Category. It also achieved a rank of 71 in ALL TOP NEW FREE GAMES whilst hitting 169 on all TOP NEW FREE Apps uploaded to Google Play Store That week and in top 400 FREE GAMES of all time in Pakistan.



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The success of Anne French in such a category makes for a good argument that brands will increasingly look to games as a powerful and important component in their advertising and brand engagement programs.