Ecommerce And Digital Marketing For Home Detail In UK

Home Detail required a team to manage it’s branding and store. MI Digital was chosen because of its complete digital marketing solution.

Our teams integrated by working closely with User Experience, Design and Creative teams for maximum organic search engine visibility and to ensure seamless integration the MI SEO teams were on board throughout the entire design & development process. This combined with using SEO fundamentals and optimization techniques (white hat SEO), we made sure that Home Detail had the best chance of showing up at the top.

Secondly, real influence is now in the hands of consumers. (Consumers trust other consumers by over 2 to 1.) That means a brand’s business objectives must meet consumer needs to be successful. Understanding those objectives helps define social strategies to articulate what the brand stands for and the opportunity that exists to support that story through social media channels.

A brand these days listens to consumers and is active in the community. We identified sites and voices online that would influence our consumers the most and then listened to them for insights. We then followed through with a commitment to actively engage like consumers online while measuring success along the way.

In order to support our client’s growing need to support mobile devices, our mobile approach was about identifying opportunities that met both the consumer’s needs and business goals.

What we did for Home Detail:
Design & Identity
Ecommerce and sales automation
Web content management
Content optimization, search and analytics
Social computing and monitoring
Mobile optimization
Create optimized content strategies
Keyword research and analysis
Page title optimization
Media optimization
Linking strategy
Social Media
Mobile marketing strategy
Messaging programs
Optimized mobile sites
Native applications
Media planning
Technical integration and development
Mobile user experience/design
Measurement and reporting
Digital monitoring
Strategy development
Social marketing training
Social marketing execution
Content strategy
Community management
Social marketing analytics

Bottom line: It takes a lot of work to become popular.

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