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Social Media News: Meat One Launches #WinningPitch – Predict & Win Campaign

Meat One, the premium brand of Al Shaheer group launched #WinningPitch, a predict & win social media marketing campaign on its Twitter & Facebook pages for the ICC Cricket World Cup.

meat one social media campaign winning pitch

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is back after four years to entice, enthrall and entertain all of Pakistan. Endorsing Pakistan’s passion for the game, Meat One’s introduces its new campaign- ‘#WinningPitch’. The campaign captures the soul of the matches which grips Pakistan when the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is on and that is everyone is an expert cricket analyst by making them predict the outcome of the match and win prizes if they’re right.

Meat winning pitch logo

This year, the tournament is taking place in Australia and New Zealand with matches being broadcast anywhere between 3:00AM and 12noon, Pakistan time. When the matches are being played, many cricket fans across the country will be stuck at offices, day jobs and their daily schedules … which means the best channel to reach these audiences would be Facebook, a platform of over 18 million users in the country and Twitter, a lessor but more influential audience.

‘#WinningPitch’ campaign will unfold with a power packed outreach and engagement plan. In the last few years, with the rising consumption of digital media especially on social channels such as Facebook & twitter has fragmented viewership from traditional channels. ‘#WinningPitch’ will strike a chord with fans across the country wanting to prove their expertise in the World Cup games. It captures the behavior that the ardent cricket lover who lives, breathes and eats cricket feels when their favorite game is on. Already the campaign has an engagement rate of 39%.

Meat one fb 5


Meat One FB 6

Adnan Hussain, MeatOne Pakistan said, “Cricket has been a great unifying factor and the fever that grips Pakistan is unmatched. This is the perfect time for us therefore to get the perfect opportunity to start the year through a digital marketing campaign, ‘Meat One #WinningPitch’. This campaign offers a Meat One the powerful insight of everyone believing themselves to be an expert to appeal to consumers. We are also giving away meat platters during the live game thus enabling consumers to enjoy the game of cricket using with the great taste of Meat One”

Meat One FB 8


Meat one fb 10


Meat one fb 12


Speaking about the campaign, Umair Mohsin, Director MI Digital said, “The campaign idea of ‘Meat One #WinningPitch’ brings together the love for Meat One and love for the game of cricket. We are capturing a very pertinent insight of our audience during the ICC Cricket world Cup 2015 and we’ll be tapping the consumer perfectly live as they watch the match.#Winningpitch features a simple gameplay of predicting the outcome of the cricket match based on questions we ask earlier and then rewarding people who were correct. It’s the simplicity that will appeal to people the most.”

About Meat One:

With a vow to supply supreme quality meat, Meat One is the very first of a new, specialized chain of meat stores in Pakistan. Meat One is a subsidiary of the Al Shaheer Corporation, a very successful venture that has been exporting meat to the Middle East and GCC countries since 2008. We presently operate 12 outlets across the city of Karachi, 1 outlet in Lahore and 1 outlet in Islamabad. Retailing export quality beef, lamb and mutton, Meat One is the first of its kind in the meat shop space. The meat is supplied by our own abattoir located in Karachi, which currently exports beef and mutton to the Middle East. This plant is certified by health and food import departments of most Middle East and GCC countries. The free range, lean meat that Meat One offers you every day is natural and wholesome!

Read more about Meat One at

meat one

Some more examples from the social media marketing campaign are below:

Meat one fb 3


Meat One FB 11

Meat one fb


Meat one FB 2

MI Digital – Official Digital Media Partner of PAS Digit 3.0


We’re excited to announce today that MI Digital has been selected as a digital media partner  for the Pakistan Advertiser’s Society DIG-IT 3.0 Digital Conference to be held in Lahore. As part of the agreement, MI Digital’s  world-class digital marketing solutions will deliver web and social content marketing, social engagement, email marketing, SEO & publishing and analytics for the Dig-IT conference. The MI’s Digital Platform will bring the best digital marketing solutions  to PAS, helping them drive awareness and business outcomes like sign-ups and sponsorships via email and lead capture, deeper social content engagement and online bookings.

“Marketers realize that to be successful, they need to scale social content marketing, social engagement, publishing and analytics” said Umair Mohsin, Director Digital. “Having MI Digital as a Digital Marketing partner will help the team at PAS achieve digital marketing success.”

Working with the caliber of folks at MI Digital has been fantastic and we’re looking forward to delivering even more high-value outcomes for PAS.

About DIG-IT 3.0:

The media partnership will officially launch with the design and publication of new web channels, the Digit Crackathon and the official website for the conference  with the key focus of the theme built on mobile marketing, the topic for this year’s conference. Later MI Digital will launch an iOS and Android app specifically designed for Conference Attendees.

The ‘Winning The Mobile Race’, will examine the challenges many brands and businesses face, with specific focus on themes including  Converting Mobile Interactions to Transactions: What’s Coming Next in Mobile?, Examining the 3G/LTE landscape and what this means for the industry, Bringing mobile into the marketing mix and more. MI Digital is also publishing a report ‘State Of Mobile in Pakistan’ as part of this partnership, which will also incorporate a series of data regarding mobile usage in Pakistan as well as best cases and benchmarks.

The conference taking place in November 2014, will comprise of some of the best speakers in Pakistan and from abroad and is a central part of PAS’s goal of bringing best mobile practices for advertisers in Pakistan. Set to attract visitors from across the globe, delegates will come from far and wide to take part in these 2 days of events, exhibitions and celebrations, in order to realise the potential of mobile marketing.

Fibre7 Most Engaging Brand In The Month of July With 7900% Growth

Health care experts often advise people to add essential vitamins and nutrients to their diet to remain in good health and boost their immunity, yet maintaining a balanced diet rich in fiber is often becomes difficult for today’s busy population, specifically. MI Digital team understood this insight when they launched ‘Ramadan Recipes With Chef Shai’. The campaign broke new ground for the category in Pakistan due to its focus on the convenient manner of boosting their fiber intake. MI Digital handled everything from the production required to the media buying.

According to the latest July 2014 social Marketing Report Pakistan, Fibre7 was the 5th most engaged with brand in the region based on Post Engagement Rate beating the country’s Avg. Engagement Rate by 10X and creating a high record of 7900% growth in engagement for the brand.

Fibre7 is Pfizer’s health and wellness brand, a fiber product (fiber husk) which is targeted for the mature audiences who are health conscious and motivated by health and weight needs. Fiber Husk is usually taken as a means of promoting bowel regularity in the country and eliminating acidity. However to increase usage and a means of helping people meet their daily fiber needs as specified by international bodies, Fibre7 has been promoted as a means of healthy lifestyle which promotes daily wellness which may including weight control, diminishing obesity, heart disease, etc.

The campaign which  brought over 7900% growth in engagement for the brand was the recent association with Chef Shai. To increase the daily intake and to take advantage of the month of ramadan (where consumption of especially unhealthy foods and snacks increases manifolds), Fibre7 associated with Chef Shai, a local celebrity chef and announced for the first time recipes made with Fibre7 as an ingredient. These ranged from shakes to traditional foods.


The success of the campaign can be judged that despite being a brand for mature audiences, seniors and empty nesters, adult females, and higher income households brand in a relatively conservative category, the campaign generated well over 7900% engagement and swept across all demographics despite being advertised to only the TG on social media. It proved that there is a demand for health and weight conscious products across all segments and people do want  nutritious, natural, better-for-you recipes.



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The ‘Sell-Phone’ Revolution – Mobile Marketing Pakistan

Marketers Need To Change How They Think Of Mobile As A Marketing Medium

An interesting thing happened to me whilst shopping the other day. Indulging in the environment as a bored-husband is most oft forced to do whilst the wife haggles with the sales person for the 20th time, a small artificial jewelry store caught my attention for what the shopkeeper was doing. Whilst talking to his female customers, he was also constantly sending pictures of the jewelry they had favorited to their mobile phones via Bluetooth. The chatter amongst the young females grew even more ecstatic when he decided to send the pictures of the stock he did not have at the shop and had reserved for his ‘special’ clients whom he informed them he consistently communicated with on ‘Whatsapp’, a leading OTT (Over the Top) Messenger which allows two people with the same app to send messages, videos, photos, etc to each other. An introduction to being on his WhatsApp list immediately followed with exchange of mobile numbers and a promise to send pictures of his upcoming ‘Turkish’ inventory within the week. He also demonstrated how if any of the customers should need any piece of jewelry or liked any jewelry at some other shop, to snap a picture and send it to him via the OTT along with the price and he would find and match or give a lower price if he has it in stock too, a brilliant example of ‘customer lock-in’ and the usage of the power of mobile communication for sales and customer service.

Once a niche channel relegated to plumbers electricians and most often scammers, mobile marketing has gone mainstream in a big way, graduating from SMS Spam and often questionable quality of the products being marketed to being a bonafide contender for marketer’s budgets, duking it out in the media channels ring against the best available. Marketers too are taking more interest at optimizing their traditional and digital campaigns by integrating mobile into the mix.

Mobile Marketing – An Overview

Mobile may be called the 4th screen globally, but it is fast becoming the first screen in Pakistan. Compared to the 20 million+ TV sets in Pakistan, we have over 60 million phones in the country and if the FB stats alone are taken as a leading indicator over 5.6m people are currently accessing FB on mobile devices which can be broadly be categorized as 2.4 million users on Android devices, 700,000 iOS users, the more ‘asprirational’ segment, 132,000 RIM possibly corporate users and 100,000 Windows Phone OS based users usually young audiences with the rest falling into ‘other basic phones’. This is out of the estimated 12-15 million users of mobile internet in Pakistan. Compared to 5 years ago when there was hardly any penetration of mobile internet in the country, the growth is phenomenal.

However as mobile internet access grows, and more people use their phones to go online, the rules for marketing will change yet again. Unlike traditional media channels which can be easily ignored / blocked or even traditional digital channels on PCs which require you to pick up a device or boot a device, mobile is a personalized one-person channel which is always within arm’s reach, a highly addictive channels which has developed a psychological problem ‘Phantom Vibration Syndrome’ which so many people suffer from that it’s even gotten its own nickname ‘Vibranxiety’. With such an intimate channel, a traditional mindset of generating consistent interruptions will mean annoyed customer who very quickly will take steps to find you and block you and getting blocked from a mobile customer’s device is fast becoming a block for life. From a personal story, I got rid of the telco that decided to SMS me consistently at 2 am in the morning. Incidentally Call & SMS blockers are also amongst the top 500 downloaded Android apps in Pakistan.

Thus the core aspect of the mobile communication should be that the customer comes willing via – Choice of Opt In, Controlled Opt-out and Content – Entertainment, Information or Interactivity.

Mobile Marketing – Best Practices

anne french kareena whats in sliderOne of the recent case studies that proved this was the use of the mobile medium as an engagement tool was Pfizer’s ‘Anne French’ who decided to test the mobile waters with a slider game designed around their brand ambassador Kareena Kapoor. Promoted via a contest, Anne French asked its users to compete to be the ‘What’s In’ Queen of the game’s leaderboard. The game was made available on iOS and Android mobile platforms and was also designed for and integrated on Facebook as well. First time in Pakistan, web audiences and mobile audiences got to compete with each other on the same leaderboard. The results in terms of engagement proved to be fantastic. Promoted via FB only the app was for a time the amongst the top 50 apps downloaded in the Google Play Store and current stats show the app having been downloaded in the 1000-5000 category as well as engaging audiences on FB tremendously. It also generated some positive WOMM from leading media blogs in the country.

It can also be said that mobile marketing as a stand-alone media will fail greatly. Integration with channels and opt-in are the keys which will unlock the customer’s heart for the brand. As demonstrated by Unilever’s Supreme ‘Sonakshi ko Manao’ / Supreme ‘Healthy Hai’ campaign, the 360 mass media campaign drove users to the phone to ‘convince’ Sonakshi that Supreme is not only tasty but also healthy. It is estimated that 500,000 to 600,000 users participated in the campaign. Similarly along with other companies and brands such as Nestle Milo and Engro Foods who have shifted to eliciting entries via SMS on Short Codes for lucky draw promotions, Unilever too promoted their latest Magnum – Mercedes Promotion on traditional but drove traffic to their SMS service whereby users after enjoying a Magnum bar could send off the code printed on the stick to a Short Code and get entered into a lucky draw for the Mercedes.

Also if you think bombarding consumers with one way push messages will get their attention, you’re right. But it’s not the kind of attention that will bring you sales. Secondly, SMS / Text is a limited opportunity to connect emotionally with the audience. Writing Glug Glug, Crunch, Aaaah! Is not as engaging as as seeing a person with a can of their favorite beverage whilst eating a pack of favorite chips. That said, stories and interactivity do captivate us especially on a screen which is limited in terms of multimedia capabilities. P&G “MAA’ campaign, an adaption of the TV campaign, used this medium to ask people to send in stories about their mothers and also aired the 10 best ones each week on TV. Sprite Cricket Next. Used the medium for recruiting young cricketing hopefuls from around the country for the campaign. Hundreds of thousands were given a chance to get coached by cricket legends and then compete with the best. Both used ‘Pring’, a mobile social network as a platform.

Thus it can be said that marketers rather than continuing with traditional approaches, require unique new ways of thinking from now only. Mobile marketing is still in its early stages but it’s growing and enabling everything from Live TV (amongst top 100 apps downloaded in Pakistan), our police force (Police officers can share real time information on crimes via SMS services) to utilities such as Groupic which allows the photographer to be part of the picture.

With the rise of faster data technologies in Pakistan (3G coming in 2014) we will be moving away from an ‘impressions’ and ‘exposure’ based worlds into a world of engagement, fun, interactivity and brand as a channel / media company. Already the ‘Finger Democracy’ of the youth, (SMS is the youth’s preferred channel of communication) and the rise of smart phones (mostly Android) at lower and lower priced thresholds are bringing in more and more free content and entertainment ensuring the exclusion of all other media out there.

For Marketers, the key takeaway should be to be experimental in their approach to this very personalized advertising vehicle. Given the ubiquity and always-on nature of the channel with its hundreds of formats and possibilities it is wise to implement controlled trials to determine how your audience behaves on the channel and over time build up a list of key success factors reflecting the stage your consumer has reached in the mobile adoption cycle and in the purchasing process. Make no mistake, it’s not a cell-phone revolution which is coming soon, it’s a SELL-Phone revolution which will change everything as you know it.

First published in the November-December 2013 issue, Dawn, Aurora.


wellness expert fibre7 pfizer

MI Digital’s Health and Wellness Mobile App For Pfizer Fibre7

Pfizer Pakistan launches first ever Health and Wellness App For The iOS and Android Platforms

The widespread adoption and use of mobile technologies is opening new and innovative ways to improve health and health care delivery. Mobile applications can help people manage their own health and wellness, promote healthy living, and gain access to useful information when and where they need it. These tools are being adopted almost as quickly as they can be developed. According to industry estimates, 500 million smartphone users worldwide will be using a health care application by 2015, and by 2018, 50 percent of the more than 3.4 billion smartphone and tablet users will have downloaded mobile health applications ( -be-using-healthcare-mobile-applications-in-2015/). These users include health care professionals, consumers, and patients.

health and wellness appHealth and wellness thus are hot topics right now for both businesses and individuals.  A growing number of health and wellness apps aim to empower smartphone users to change their behaviors and to manage their own health conditions. Taking a note from this trend, MI Digital has helped Fibre7 develop Pakistan’s first health and wellness App “Wellness Expert” starring Yogi Wajahat. This app will allow individuals to take control of their own health and wellness program. 

The Fibre7 Health & Fitness app for Android and iOS is the one-stop spot for people interested in living a healthier life, combining the best hatha yoga exercise and workout videos, a nutritional reference, and pose library along with advice for diet, exercise and health to help individuals meet their wellness goals.

“MI Digital is honored to have been selected for the development of the Pfizer Pakistan Fibre7 Wellness Expert App” said Umair Mohsin, Director Digital. “Because it’s both interactive and informative, the Health & Fitness app delivers a really useful and engaging experience.”

Mobile apps have the potential to transform health care by allowing doctors to diagnose patients with potentially life-threatening conditions outside of traditional health care settings, help consumers manage their own health and wellness, and also gain access to useful information whenever and wherever they need it. MI Digital will continuously evolve this app through adding more features as time goes by, thus always promising something new and exciting for Fibre7 users.
The app can be downloaded from the Android Store at: whilst the iOS app can be downloaded from
nestle fruita vitals tvc

Nestle Fruita Vitals Production Handled By MI Productions

MI Productions, the production arm of Media Idee network recently worked on the Nestle Fruita Vitals commercial. Conceptualized by Ogilvy, the MI team shot the 2 min spot in Thailand.  Highlighting four delicious flavors – Mangos from Pakistan, Pineapple From Indonesia, Grapes From Italy and Apples from Greece – these convenient, single-serve juice boxes were shown to package and deliver only the most fruity, delicious and refreshing taste from all over the world and a nutritional value people can feel good about serving.

Nestle Fruita Vitals is a range of premium Juices and Nectars from Nestle. Nestle Fruita Vitals is prepared by using the finest fruit carefully chosen from the gardens of the world and processed under Nestle’s stringent quality standards.

project: Nestle Fruita Vitals
director & dop: Avi Karpick
creative agency: Ogilvy & Mather
executive producer:
line producer: Benetone Films
post productions: Oriental Post Bangkok
still photographer: 68 Studio Bangkok

produced by: MI Productions


About Nestle Fruita Vitals

Nestle Pakistan has always been committed to the health and well being of the Pakistani consumers and to this end, keeps introducing food and beverage products that are not only delicious but are also nutritious and healthy. Nestle Fruita Vitals is currently the market leader of the juices and nectar category in Pakistan.



Content Writers Wanted

The Digital Content team  is seeking a Digital Content Writer/Producer to join their team. This person will think strategically and tactically about how brands can use online content and social media to promote their goals. Reporting to the Director of Digital Strategy, the Digital Content Writer/Producer is responsible for developing, writing, and implementing interesting and engaging content and ideas for client’s websites and social-media properties. He/she will work with colleagues  as well as outside vendors to create innovative content and campaigns that support our brand’s initiatives and engage supporters.

Responsibilities include:

  • Conceive, write, and produce content and features for integrated digital campaigns for websites, and social networks – including web site copy, video concepts, info-graphics, etc.
  • Develop strategies and innovative content to promote digital content and to grow social media and website audiences.
  • Work with the digital team and colleagues from across the organization to develop strategies, content and digital tools to advance campaign goals.
  • Understand and analyze the news and political environment and ensure that brands are keeping up with rapidly shifting online discussions, traditional media and cycles, while constantly looking for opportunities to engaging supporters.
    • Ensure all digital advocacy and content meets campaign and organizational goals and adheres to brand guidelines.
    • Measure, analyze and document the impact of web content across web channels.
    • Maintain a weekly digital content calendar.
    • Produce simple graphics for promotion on social media properties.
    • Work with the Director, Digital Strategy to manage blogger outreach and engagement.

Qualifications for consideration include:

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  • Experience developing and implementing online content and strategy.
  • 4 to 5 years of substantial online content experience.
  • At least 2 years of online content development and execution.
  • Advanced knowledge of social media, email marketing and the tools that accompany it.
    • Advanced knowledge of online publishing and the use of digital technologies for communication, education and advocacy.
    • Basic graphic design skills.
    • Exceptional written and oral communication skill.
      • Be able to handle multiple “priority” projects simultaneously and meet established deadlines.
      • Proven track record of working online to organize diverse supporters and constituencies.

MI Digital is an equal employment opportunity employer and is committed to maintaining a non-discriminatory work environment. We do not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by applicable law. MI Digital is committed to creating a dynamic work environment that values team work, collaboration, creativity, and building a diverse team.

Mio Mobile SMS

Nestle Milo – Mobile Credit Redemption Campaign



MI Digital was a pioneer in the mobile credit redemption promotions that only now brands such as Pepsi and Unilever have picked up. In 2010, we did our first campaign with Nestle Milo where we replaced the traditional form of contest entries via snail mail, with mobile sms. Contestants could send in their code to our ShortCode at 2121 and could get mobile credit sent to their mobile.





Milo 1

Mashable TCS Connect

TCS Connect Featured On Mashable

TCS Connect, Pakistan’s Premier E-Marketplace was featured on Mashable‘s article ‘Is Pakistan the Next Frontier for Entrepreneurs?’.

The article at length talked about the Internet industry in Pakistan which is at an extremely exciting point, and the outlook for local entrepreneurs and venture capitalists is strong in the mid to long run.

As the sixth largest country in the world in terms of population, Pakistan has an ever-expanding web base which currently stands at 22 million users, with 8 million people now on Facebook.

With such a wide array of currently undeveloped markets to compete in, the need for online stores will only increase over the course of time. When one further considers the high cost of establishing a traditional brick-and-mortar store, one realizes the advantages to which online entrepreneurs are privy.

Talking about TCS Connect, the article said:

“The establishment and subsequent success of these and other businesses have led to a greater focus on e-commerce sites. They may be other clothing brands expanding their businesses online, logistics companies either starting online stores themselves or providing tools and consultancy for brick-and-mortar retail owners to start a digital side to their existing businesses, or young entrepreneurs themselves wanting to get into this nascent business.”

MI Digital is proud to be the digital agency for TCS Connect and helping them power this retail and online revolution in Pakistan. With this hive of activity, the future for Pakistan’s e-commerce and Internet industry has a positive outlook. Local entrepreneurs should seize this opportunity to capitalize on the open market space.


mashable tcs connect

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