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Hero Bakra – Making Eid Even More Rewarding

To associate ourselves with Eid, we launched a Hero Bakra competition where the objective was to send a picture of your Bakra in a heroic pose. This 1 week competition, generated over 20,000 likes for TCS Connect, 1.2 million people were reached during the campaign, including over 340,000 organically due to the virality of the campaign.

240 entries were submitted and voted on and generated positive sentiment for the brand throughout the blogosphere.


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The winner of the contest was Madiha who submitted this video for the contest.



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TCS Connect Featured On Mashable

TCS Connect, Pakistan’s Premier E-Marketplace was featured on Mashable‘s article ‘Is Pakistan the Next Frontier for Entrepreneurs?’.

The article at length talked about the Internet industry in Pakistan which is at an extremely exciting point, and the outlook for local entrepreneurs and venture capitalists is strong in the mid to long run.

As the sixth largest country in the world in terms of population, Pakistan has an ever-expanding web base which currently stands at 22 million users, with 8 million people now on Facebook.

With such a wide array of currently undeveloped markets to compete in, the need for online stores will only increase over the course of time. When one further considers the high cost of establishing a traditional brick-and-mortar store, one realizes the advantages to which online entrepreneurs are privy.

Talking about TCS Connect, the article said:

“The establishment and subsequent success of these and other businesses have led to a greater focus on e-commerce sites. They may be other clothing brands expanding their businesses online, logistics companies either starting online stores themselves or providing tools and consultancy for brick-and-mortar retail owners to start a digital side to their existing businesses, or young entrepreneurs themselves wanting to get into this nascent business.”

MI Digital is proud to be the digital agency for TCS Connect and helping them power this retail and online revolution in Pakistan. With this hive of activity, the future for Pakistan’s e-commerce and Internet industry has a positive outlook. Local entrepreneurs should seize this opportunity to capitalize on the open market space.


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