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Web Design & Development – Tapal Ice Tea Web Design and Development.

Tapal Tea launched Ice Tea Branded Portal With Chillkaro.com website.

One of the earliest web designs that MI Digital did was for Tapal Ice Tea. The site called Chillkaro.com was amongst the first branded portals in Pakistan, playing with content (music files and rounding up local musicians) marketing much before it was ‘Content Marketing’. The can too was interactive (mouse over would move the can in rotation), whilst a small button would switch the site from Peach to Lemon Colors in an instant.

Web design and development
This wasn’t the actual page but the wireframe that we tested. Unfortunately the actual page has been lost to the archives of history.


tapal tea lemon website



Tapal was also first to Facebook experimenting with Facebook and gated pages (remember: “Like To Unlock”) to access content.


Tapal Iea Facebook Like



This was the Tapal Ice Tea Can that was a failure in the market.



Tapal Ice Tea Can