MI Digital Develops Qurbani Services Application For Meat One

Application is integrated into Microsoft Dynamics AX & Payment Enabled With UBL & Etisalat Ecommerce Gateway ‘PaySecure’

In a first of its kind in the world, MI Digital successfully developed and launched the Meat One Qurbani Application which was integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics AX environment. The Qurbani app allows anyone from the world to place their order for Meat One’s Qurbani Service from the convenience of their home or office, revolutionising how people do their Qurbani on Eid Ul Adha through a convenient tools that allows the user to effectively select the the animal, time, delivery, etc and order online, paid through a credit card secured via the UBL Ecommerce (EPG) Gateway.

The Meat One Qurbani app brings convenience and easy ordering through even your smartphones and tablets as its fully responsive, allowing the user to choose when and where it suits them.

Combining leading edge technology including HTML 5, CSS3, Angular, Node.JS with a relational DB and an unrivalled product knowledge of the agency helped us give our client the most forward thinking app of its kind.

The Application Is Integrated Into Microsoft Dyanmics AX and Enabled on UBL Ecommerce Gateway With Etisalat

ubl etisalat ecommerce EPG logo
Meat One Ads Qurbani

UBL and Etisalat Payment Gateway (EPG)

The Etisalat Payment Gateway service or Etisalat EPG as it is commonly known as is a proprietary payment platform developed by Etisalat that ensures reliable and affordable payments delivered over a secure, real-time service, authorizing payment transactions from Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club and American Express cards. This is a global platform, able to accept and process even eDirham transactions.

UBL with partnership with Etisalat’s EPG has enabled local ecommerce merchants to integrate a credit card-based online payments solutions into their business and accept payments online from the estimated 3 million plus credit and debit card users in the country. The EPG also guarantees security and ensured integrity of the extremely sensitive data being transmitted online between the customers, the online businesses application such as the ecommerce store, the bank (in this case UBL) and the credit card network.

The key remains that for a successful implementation, integration and uptake of eBusiness solutions by your business, stakeholders and your customers requires the presence of a reliable integration partner such as MI Digital, who should in turn have strong relations with the appropriate financial services organisations in this case UBL.

MI Digital is amongst the first agencies that were chosen for this endeavor to integrate Etisalat’s secure and highly robust platform which have allowed enterprises and individuals alike to harness the power of digital commerce and transact commercial activities in the most secured environment.

Etisalat IPG Gateway

Click on the video below to see the Qurbani Process

Users coming to www.meatone.net/qurbani could use the app to order a number of different kinds of sacrificial animals such as goats, cow shares or complete cows. Users could enter their preferred means of getting the Qurbani whether it would be delivered or picked up, select from the nearest locations (which would also update whether the inventory was available or not), select delivery date or even choose from their favorite charities to donate the meat to. 

The Meat One Application Features Included:

  • Email confirmation sent to the user of the orders.
  • Options to include names of the people for the Qurbani was being made as well as tools that made filling forms out faster.
  • One Page Checkout which included all details of the Qurbani and Order.
  • Coupon Codes option.
  • Integration into Etisalat – UBL Ecommerce Gateway to which the user would be redirected to.
  • Admin panel in backend that would automatically verify which user had paid and which hadn’t.
  • Session and forms capture to follow up with users whose transactions failed for any reason.
  • 30 min inventory update with AX which controlled orders coming in from Meat One shops which stopped the online app from accepting more orders than would be sustainable and handled.

Landing Page For The Application at www.meatone.net/qurbaani

Meat One Qurbani Service Landing Page
MeatOne Application Animated

Meat One Qurbani Service – Home Delivery Feature

Meat One Qurbani Services Application

Meat One Qurbani Service Application – Self Pickup Feature

MeatOne Qurbani Service Application Self Pickup