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Three Things To Never Include In A Cover Letter


When creating a professional cover letter there are always things you absolutely must include. But there are also three things you should never include in a successful cover letter.


No matter how difficult your last job may have been, you should never include details or complaints about issues had at your previous employer. Not only will sharing this be inappropriate on a cover letter, but it also makes the wrong first impression. The only time to refer to a previous employment experience is if it was a positive one.


Never include your personal information in a cover letter. This is not the place to share your email or phone number. You might want to share some things about yourself such as hobbies and interests but much like any introduction, there is no need to tell each and every detail. You will be able to include your contact information on your resume so save that information for that format.


Do not include your salary needs here either. Inquiring about benefits, vacation, employee wellness programs and pay should be done at the interview. Instead in your cover letter you should include what you will be bringing to the company if hired. Include skills and experiences which have prepared you for your desired position. If you think you still need more tips and assistance, you could try to ask a professional hr company, like Solvo Global or many others, and find out what is important.

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