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Improving your eyesight

Motivation is everything when it comes to natural vision improvement. We have to believe it can be done and that we can do it. Vanity is a good spur: lots of us long to ditch the glasses at least some of the time. Even though keeping and cleaning the contact lenses takes a lot of time, we still enjoy wearing color contacts that blend colors within them, to get the natural look that perfectly matches our skin.

Although it is quite rare to meet a person over the age of five who have completely perfected their vision by natural means, we can make a significant improvement that will mean we can do without the visual crutches of glasses or contact lenses for at least part of the time.

It is also important to be able to fit whatever we decide to do in this area into our lives in general. I once attended a very good vision improvement workshop. It was very good because the facilitator devoted quite a bit of it to the problem of, how we were going to fit the visual exercise routines she was showing us, into our normal schedules. It turned out that most of them would have to be done while sitting on the toilet if they were not to interfere with our normal way of life!

There is another way.

The philosophy of natural vision improvement can be incorporated into our everyday way of doing things. Relaxation is the main pillar of visual improvement. It is not possible to relax the eyes while maintaining a tense attitude to everything else we are doing. So by maintaining a relaxed attitude to life in general, we will be benefitting not only our vision but our general well-being.

Natural vision improvement experts recommend that the eyesight is stimulated first of all by improving the environment around you. The eyes love to look at good things so brighten your surroundings, put up lovely pictures, indulge in your favorite colors. A moving environment gets the eyes moving, which is a good thing, as a fixed stare will lower the visual acuity. An aquarium or some mobiles will serve this purpose.

Playing ball games will get the eyes moving, as long as the attitude is not too competitive which will lead to mental and emotional and hence, eye strain.

Obviously wearing prescription glasses is the quickest way to improve vision! But actually, wearing glasses is also a strain to the eyes, and you should acquire the habit of removing your glasses whenever you can. Also, another quick way is wearing contacts for 7 days in a row, without the need for changing them, thanks to the new technology for high water content. Close your eyes for a few seconds when you do this, and breathe deeply.