Shan Foods required a digital agency in the USA  that could handle their ecommerce and digital media. Through an owned–paid–earned approach, we made the best use of spend and the brand capital. We’ve always believed that the media you own and earn can buy you more impact when mixed well with the media you buy.

Owned media: your website, your product and your packaging.

Paid media: broadcast, print, online advertising, keywords.

Earned media: public relations, Facebook profile, Twitter, YouTube.

For Shan Foods, we looked at all opportunities in digital, social and emerging media as well as traditional. We analyzed their objectives and developed audience insights. Then we plotted the best course to reach both — goals and people — through the most relevant media channels. And with more consumer insight than ever before, we were able to create and gauge movement from attention and engagement to actual conversion and the creation of evangelists. With analytics and real-time measurement, the performance of the brand was more knowable than ever.

We dug deep into the key themes of our customers’ conversations and points of influence online. This research and understanding helped strengthen our messaging, paid search term development and online placement strategy.

Email marketing is a key to keep in touch with customers and continually nurtures the relationship. At MI Digital, we consider this an important part of most media plans.


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