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Our SEO Services

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MI Digital SEO services provide organic Search Engine presence, offering analysis, SEO recommendations and SEO task execution. We will focus on maximising your Search Engine visibility whilst utilizing SEOs best practices all white hat and ethical in the world of Search Engine Optimisation.

Overall we will provide the following:

  • We will be responsible for overall strategy and identifying the best opportunities available  as well as driving the implementation of onsite and offsite tactical initiatives
  • We will provide practical tactical research and analysis with an emphasis on creative development and execution of link development opportunities.

We follow the basic process for all of our clients:

Keyword Phrase Research & Recommendations

We identity the best keyword phrase “themes or clusters” to be executed once approved by you. These keywords are a mix of your target market, branded key words, purchase cycle and competitor site analysis. These keyword themes will include a range of keyword combinations include one word, two word, three word and long tail keywords and will be based on the overall Search Engine visibility you are seeking

On-site SEO Techniques

We will edit the title of your website’s pages, edit the meta descriptions and the other “off-page” meta data optimizing on a per page basis to best target your keyword phrases which will allow you to maximise your traffic, increase click-throughs and get the keyword rankings you desire.

Where new content or “landing pages” are required we will work with you to help you develop these as part of the plan.

We will strategically use on-site internal linking strategies to help maximise value distribution for all your internal content. This will help your SEO process greatly.

Off-site SEO Techniques

Link acquisition is a mix of science and art and we are the painters. We will source and help you negotiate unique link opportunities for your site, help with your Press Releases including paid promotions, optimize your link profile all in all keeping in mind a focused subject authority yet with broad link opportunities

We will research, analyse and then recommend specific link opportunities if available which we will be targeting, whilst focusing on quality, relevancy to your brand and on-theme link opportunities

Your approval is required prior to any link implementation activities or approaches to other webmasters and websites. Progress on your link profile is updated and reviewed with you each month as part of our ongoing reporting

Google My Business

We will help you create, claim or consolidate your Google My Business and Google Plus pages as well as help you with local search.

Website Infrastructure

We will check and help you improve the technical infrastructure of your website to ensure that it is highly Search Engine-friendly and remains that way. This checklist incorporates more than 20 items including:

  • Google Analytics Tracking, Goals Set Up and Ecommerce Set Up
  • Internal Broken Link Check
  • External Broken Link Check and resolve 404 “Page Not Found” Errors
  • Google Webmaster Tools Verification, Crawl, HTML, Sitemap errors
  • Robots.txt and XML Sitemap Files

Benchmark Reports & Ongoing Reporting

On commencement we prepare and present to you Benchmark Reports for your website link profile, organic search traffic, referral traffic and selected keyword phrase rankings.

In addition, on commencement we prepare Competitor Visibility Report for your targeted keyword phrases.

Download our SEO Services Sample and audit report to see the details to which we go through when planning out the work.

SEO Activity Plan

Your MI Digital SEO Team will prepare an initial Activity Plan recommending and prioritizing tasks relevant to your website and its current visibility with the Search Engines. Going forward we will review your Activity Plan with you each month prioritising resources to each task and activity as required

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