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Birthday Gift Ideas for Women – Best Presents for Her Special Day

Picking a birthday gift for a wife, a special girlfriend or Mom can be a difficult task. Keep her personality and tastes in mind before choosing a present, and she will appreciate the gift giver’s thoughtfulness. At a loss for ideas? Try these birthday gift ideas for women.

Birthday Gifts for Wives

When choosing a birthday gift for a wife, husbands should pay attention to both what she says she wants, and what she really wants for her birthday. Many wives say that they don’t expect a present, or don’t need a present. Others say that a card or a few flowers would be fine. In reality, although she would never admit it, she would love to get something more luxurious.

  • Jewelry containing her birthstone, such as earrings or a necklace – be sure to choose jewelry in a style that she likes, that suits her personality. If she favors a style that is delicate and understated, don’t give her a flashy and gaudy bracelet.
  • A day at the spa – Wives often need a day off and some special pampering, and she can get that with a day at a local spa.

Birthday Presents for Girlfriends

Choose birthday gifts for girlfriends with care, and keep the length of the relationship in mind when finding the most appropriate present. A shorter, less serious relationship does not require the same degree of effort that a longer relationship that may have a future.

  • Flowers – A bouquet of flowers makes a great present, but should be accompanied by something more permanent, even if it is a small gift.
  • Media – Try getting her favorite DVD or the latest CD by her favorite artist for this birthday.
  • Electronics – A digital photo keychain loaded with pictures of the two of you, or an MP3 player make great birthday presents.
  • A book by her favorite author, or an obscure title she has been looking for.

Birthday Gifts for Mom

When choosing a gift for Mom, remember that she will generally just be happy that you remembered. Try these presents to make her even more thrilled:

  • A book dedicated to the subject of Mothers
  • A photo album filled with pictures of the family, and captions directed at Mom
  • A bouquet of flowers
  • A box of her favorite candy
  • Jewelry containing her birthstone, and perhaps the birthstones of her children

Choosing Birthday Presents for Women

When choosing birthday presents for women, there are a few gifts to avoid: Although she has been talking about a new vacuum cleaner or a better mop, her birthday is not the time to purchase these items, unless they are accompanied by a legitimate gift.

Household appliances are a necessary item for the home, and are no more appropriate for a birthday gift than a stick of deodorant or a tank of gas for the car. Instead, use the ideas in this article to find a birthday present for a wife, girlfriend or a mom that will make her day even more special.

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