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How & Why Bloggers and Business Comment On Blogs

Reasons For Adding Blog Comments with Step by Step Instructions

Learn how and why to add comments to blogs and exploit a cost-effective way for small business and bloggers to increase website and blog traffic.

An important element of blogging is the ability to comment on other blog posts. Adding comments can build connections between bloggers and readers as well as building relationships between small businesses and their customers. This can lead to links between blogs, websites and people and can further lead to increased visitors and traffic.

An understanding of the reasons why commenting on a blog can be helpful as well as learning how to add comments means that a small business or blogger can implement a plan to use comments to build visitors.

Why Comment On A Blog

There are many good reasons to add comments to a blog post. These include:

  1. Most blogs allow links back to the commenter (often back to the commenter’s own website or blog). Some blogs also allow multiple links within the comment too. Every link increases the opportunities for visitors to follow the link and so generating another visitor.
  2. Carefully selecting the blogs posts to add comments to and giving thoughtful comments can help build a reputation as an expert.
  3. Consistently adding value to a blog will attract attention and may lead to a link in the bloggers’ blogroll (a more permanent link visible on the sidebar of most blogs – an opportunity to drive more traffic).
  4. Bloggers appreciate comments and adding comments is also an opportunity to influence views (of the blogger, other commenters and readers).

In summary, building links and relationships are important for both business marketing and social networking, and adding comments to a blog allows connections to be built at little cost (of money or effort).

How To Comment On A Blog

There are many different blogs, using different blogging software, so no two blogs are the same, sometimes making it difficult to work out how to add a comment.

  • The first step is to read the complete blog post. Sometimes this means having to click on the actual post itself if it’s in a long list of posts.
  • If a blog post has a comment box at the bottom, then go to the next step. If there is no comment box then look for a link with ‘comment’ ‘0 comments’ ‘no comment’ ‘10 comments’ ‘add comment’ or something similar and follow the link. That should open up the blog post with room for comment at the bottom.
  • Different bloggers will ask for different information before allowing a comment to be added. Typical information required is:
    • A name. The name is often turned into a link to the commenter’s website.
    • An email address. The email address is not usually shown on the comment.
    • A website address. The website address is usually shown on the comment
    • The comment itself. Some blogs allow links to be added within the comment body some don’t. Some blogs allow some formatting within the comment or even an image to be included.

On some blogs creating an account and logging in is a requirement before adding a comment is allowed. Decide whether it’s worthwhile spending the time to create an account depending on the likely frequency of commenting – creating an account is usually a speedy process.

Most blogs will not display the comment immediately as the comment will have to be approved by the blogger. This helps to fight spam.

The little picture sometimes shown next to comment is called an avatar and if you create one (one popular globally recognized avatar is Gravatar), it will be shown wherever you’ve commented on any blog on the internet.

Implementing a plan to regularly add comments to blogs is a cost-effective way for small business and bloggers who have set up a blog to increase website and blog traffic.

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