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Luxury Retail Shoe Store Launched: MI Digital launches TSM&CO’s New Website

TSM&CO, A New Brand of Affordable Luxury Handcrafted Footwear  Launched Its New Website Today.

TSM&CO, a luxury shoes retailer launched its new website today. The website development and design was done by MI Digital. Discovering a void in the marketplace, TSM&CO was eager to combine the old world craftsmanship of luxury, high quality leather footwear with new world digital access, whereby it sells directly to the consumer through the website. By cutting out the traditional retailer and selling online, TSM&CO is able to offer a premium collection of the highest quality men’s footwear, reasonably priced starting from $128.

“We saw a space in the luxury footwear market,” said Founder Hammad Ahmed. “Men know that the finest handcrafted, luxury shoes are what sets them apart in the professional world, but the prices have become astronomical, so we are reinventing the luxury shoe business for the global markets. We have partnered with family-owned global leather tanneries to create a new supply chain, enabling us to produce gorgeous, high-quality shoes at uniquely accessible prices.”

TSM&Co shoes feature materials sources from the best suppliers in the world including Italy, and are made with artisanal craftsmanship and precise attention to detail on each and every pair. They are designed and produced in small batches, in the most sought after designs like the Monks, Derbies, Oxfords, Wingtips and more. TSM&CO shoes leverage classic elements like polished leathers and hand stitching, always mixed with unique and special details. All shoes are hand-crafted, made to be unique just like their owners and every so often a new collection is released on the site at

“Our shoes are the same luxury quality as those of premier luxury designers. Our clients will always find the latest trends they love, and the quality of our shoes will never be compromised,” said Hammad Ahmed. “It’s not only important that we’re using the best possible materials, but also that fit remains consistent, so once a client finds a forma that works for her, he can order additional styles made on the same forma and never have to think twice about size. While styles will constantly change, fit and quality will not.”

The new webstore based on the Magento platform combines old world elegance and luxurious feel with the efficiency of digital channels. The brand new website offers made to custom shoes, catering to all sizes and preferences. The products on TSM&CO include a wide range of styles from Balmoral to comfortable dress shoes.

Discerning shoe lovers will enjoy the shopping experience at The website provides a huge variety of dress shoes, boots, smart casual and accessories from its own designer shoe brand TSM&Co. The self-select shopping environment on the website offers convenience and ease of use.

The corporate gentlemen out to make his mark on the world is consistently thwarted in his ambitions to look and dress powerful since there are not a lot of options when buying shoes. A majority of shoe retailers don’t sell or cater to this niche clientele and those who do charge a hefty premium. This makes it very difficult for upwardly mobile young men to find a store that caters to their needs of affordable luxury. TSM&CO shoes not only caters to this group, but they also offer an impressive range with their brand of shoes which are completely on trend and fashionable.

Their TSM&CO ranges are made out of high quality leather, hand-crafted to perfection and use the latest technology. This results in luxurious shoes that are distinctive, stylish and comfy, and perhaps most importantly, they are the right size.

With years of experience in fashion, business, design and technology, the TSM&CO team, has a wealth of knowledge in the industry, bringing together their unique perspectives and expertise.

For more information on TSM&CO and to shop the collection, visit

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anne french mobile game

Pfizer’s Anne French Tops In Branded Gaming

Pfizer Pakistan’s depilatory product ‘Anne French’, Pakistan’s top selling hair remover cream created massive engagement and is proof of validating games as the new marketing channel. Unlike conventional thinking gaming isn’t just for guys. A recent Entertainment Software Association report revealed 45 percent of gamers are women. It’s a stress reliever, and a way for them to escape after a long day in the real world. 

The numbers proved the argument. Anne French ‘What’s In’ Slider Game achieved top 23 in top new free category and 67 ranking in All Time Casual Category. It also achieved a rank of 71 in ALL TOP NEW FREE GAMES whilst hitting 169 on all TOP NEW FREE Apps uploaded to Google Play Store That week and in top 400 FREE GAMES of all time in Pakistan.



anne french slider 2 anne french slider 1 anne french slider 4 anne french slider 3



The success of Anne French in such a category makes for a good argument that brands will increasingly look to games as a powerful and important component in their advertising and brand engagement programs.

hero bakra social campaign

Hero Bakra – Making Eid Even More Rewarding

To associate ourselves with Eid, we launched a Hero Bakra competition where the objective was to send a picture of your Bakra in a heroic pose. This 1 week competition, generated over 20,000 likes for TCS Connect, 1.2 million people were reached during the campaign, including over 340,000 organically due to the virality of the campaign.

240 entries were submitted and voted on and generated positive sentiment for the brand throughout the blogosphere.


Hero Bakra shares

The winner of the contest was Madiha who submitted this video for the contest.



TCS Connect - Luddoo Bites social campaign

Luddoo Bites Social Campaign Dominates Pakistan’s Wedding Season

TCS Connect Luddoo Bites Social Media Campaign Creates A Connect With Wedding Go’ers

TCS Connect’s Luddoo Bites rocked the ‘Wedding Season’ delivering eye-balls to over 2 million people across the country as well as increasing sales across all categories for the season.

The campaign was all about sharing funny, interesting and unforgettable wedding stories with friends, family and other facebook users. Most of the users can resonate with the idea and have much to tell since the wedding seasons usually involve many tales that people love to share.

Add to that a prize and people will go crazy. That is exactly what TCS Connect did.

Not only did the campaign delivered on all KPIs, it was lauded by leading news channels as well.

TCS Connect social media poondi luddoo bites


The process of the social media campaign was simple.

Story has to be in written form, 100-150 words and sent through our Tab or emailed at
•The best stories will be published daily on the timeline.
•TCS Team will choose the top 10 stories in round one.
•In round 2, out of the 10 stories the fans will vote for the best story based on „One Vote Per Account‟.
•The top 10 best stories will win a his / her perfume, whilst the top rated story by the fans will win a Kenneth Cole His / Her Watch as well.




Picture1luddoobites LUdddoo IX


luddo bites open


Luddooo bitesPicture1




Luddoo bitesPicture1




Stories ranged from the everyday mistakes to the most delightful experiences.

luddo bites


Luddoo Bites


Luddo Bites Ii Luddo Bites III


Luddo Bites IV Luddo Bites V Luddoo Biet VI Luddo Bites VII Luddoo Bites VIII LUdddoo IX



The winner’s favorite groom & bride got a prize of Kenneth Cole Perfumes.